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Food sterilization device
Food sterilization device Food sterilization device Food sterilization device Food sterilization device
Product name : Food sterilization device
Product No. : ADM-101
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 Aodimeng Food Purifier


Model No.:  ADM-101                                                          Net Weight: 1.6kg
Color box size: 31.5*23*13cm                                             Inside material: Ceramic plate
Color box gross weight: 1.93kg                                           Techonology: Corona charging
Controller Size:6*6.5*20cm                                                 Voltage:  AC110V/60Hz 
Controller material: Stainless steel 304                               Power Consumption:  12W
Ozone generator size:19*19*8cm                                       Ozone Output:  500-600mg/h   
Ozone generator material: ABS plastics                             Ozone Working Time:  1-30mins per time

Detailed info:

Why choose our food purifier?



1. Purify water: it can purify tap water to make it clearer and more tasteful, decompose the organic impurities and chlorine, sterilize the water by eliminating bacterium, germs and flu such as colon bacillus, staphylococcus and so on.

2. Decomposition:

-->Decompose various hormones and antibiotics such as Aureomycin,  Terramycin in meats and fish and decompose the antibiotics.

-->Decompose the pesticide residues and fertilizer in vegetables and fruits such as DDVP, Dimethoate and so on.

3. Sterilization: Sterilize foods and daily necessities such as table wares, cooking utensils and so on by destroying the outer membranes of bacteria, germs and virus in the meats.

4. Keep freshness: After being soaked in the ozone water, meats can keep their freshness and be more tasteful.

5. Remove odors: If immerse sea foods into the ozone water, it can sterilize the sea food, remove the odor and decompose the hormones and antibiotics in them.

6. Reduce disease: With ozone water washing mouth, not only can it remove the bad odor in the mouth especially the smoke odor in smokers, but also can sterilize the mouth thus reduce many dental disease such as stomatitis, gingivitis and so on.

7. Accelerate metabolism: With ozone water washing and cleaning skin, not only can it eliminate the bacterium and germs in the surface, but also can it promote blood circulation thus accelerate metabolism. Ozone water can especially help removing the makeup.

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Guangzhou aodimeng technology co.,ltd.

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We have more then 470 OEM client from world. the regards 'high quality, competitive price, 

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Generally, we pack our goods in neutral white boxes and brown cartons. If you have legally 

registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization 



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